Alinea Capital


How to invest in Alinea Capital?

Please contact for information about how to invest.

What is the minimum investment subscription amount?

Minimum subscription amount is NOK 1 000 000/SEK 1 000 000

How often can you buy/sell the fund?

The fund is tradable on a monthly basis.

What separates Alinea Capital from other funds?

Alinea Capital is a long-biased hedge fund with focus on investments within the Gaming sector. We hold a concentrated portfolio of 10-25 assets. We are focused, active, and data driven. Alinea Capital is backed by industry experts and business pioneers.

How do you define companies within the Gaming sector?

We define companies within the Gaming sector as companies with a portion of its revenue derived directly or indirectly from the underlying sector.

Are the fund managers invested in Alinea Capital?

The fund manager and the team behind Alinea Capital Management AS are cornerstone/large investors in Alinea Capital

What is the recommended investment horizon?

We recommend an investment period of minimum 3-5 years.

What kind of information can you expect as an investor in Alinea Capital?

Monthly investor letters

  • Net asset value development
  • Monthly return history
  • Top 3 holdings
  • Top 3 positive and negative contributors
  • Risk measures
  • Gross and net exposure
  • Portfolio segmentation

Quarterly investor letters

  • Same as monthly investor letters
  • (+) Portfolio manager commentaries

Case studies

  • Ad-hoc distribution of equity ideas and research

Sector updates

  • Ad-hoc sector comments and/or takeaways from conference calls

Event updates

  • Ad-hoc summary and takeaways from events we have participated

What is Alinea Capital’s responsible investment policy?

Alinea Capital see a positive correlation between ESG and long-term value creation. We have integrated an ESG-policy into our investment process, and we believe companies with strong focus on responsibility and sustainability will have the best chance to create long-term value for its shareholders. You can read more about our policy here.